Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cake Creations - Part II

My final Wilton cake class for Course 1 was this past week and here are pictures of my final cake.  As with everything in life, we must be teachable and ready to learn {something I have to consistently remind myself of as I take these classes}.  Although I really enjoy this experience, I am quickly finding that it can be just as frustrating and exhausting as it is fun and exciting.  Either way, in the end, you can always make it look somewhat presentable, I mean, it is cake and even if it's not perfect, you can always start over.  Not the end of the world...:)

As I write this blog, I can clearly see that more than ever {especially lately} God is really trying to break the perfectionist spirit over me.  For example, from the minute I took my cakes out of their pans I realized they were lumpy and somewhat crumbly...but I tried to stay positive.  Then, when I made my frosting too thin {which I knew deep down inside was in fact supposed to be a thicker consistency and I ignored it} and began "attempting" to cover my cake, I knew right away that it was not going to be the perfectly iced cake I had invisioned.  There were serious cake streaks.  Crumbs.  Lumps.  Ugh.  Buuttt...I sucked it up, took it to class and learned how to make roses and after a few hours, I made a serious diversion, tweeked a few things and now you can hardly tell that it was the WORST {and I mean WORST} cake that I have EVER made.  Always the way, right?  For next week, I am on to Course #2 - exciting!!

Almost a completely different cake, huh?

Roses up close - really fun!!!

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