Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Event Planning

Now that I actually have more time to devote to this blog and event planning, I've been taking some steps towards networking and have made some great connections!  One of course is the fabulous Lauren from Your Bridal Bestie.  So for all of you brides who are in the midst of planning your dream day or have just planned your wedding, please visit her site!

So in honor of her big day, I thought I would offer some advice on event planning.  Thankfully, I've gained quite a bit of experience in my younger days and during the past year it paid off tremendously in regards to my last position in the workforce.  Without delaying any longer, here is the first step to Yours Truly, the "PLANNING" stage (the second is "perfect" and the third of course is the "party" stage).  Since I am in the beginning of this entire process, anyone that needs advice/direction, please contact me (free of charge of course for the time being); however, if things really start picking up I may have to start charging, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there...:)

Feel free to either comment below, keep this format for your own personal use or even e-mail me to assist you.  I hope this helps or at least steers you in the right direction despite the overwhelming urge to tackle a million things at once, but remember, that's what I'm here for, too - distance does not matter at this point in the stage!!!!

From a personal perspective, please give credit where credit is due - remember to site your sources!  I need all the support I can get right now!!!  Thank you!!!

Yours Truly Events By You





LOCATION/VENUE (reception hall, home, outdoors):

COLORS (Favorite Colors):

THEMES (ie:  vintage, dressy, casual, characters/animals, nautical, beachy, etc):


  1. Ahh! Thanks so much :) I wish you all the best and here's to our planning adventures and growing blogship together! Xoxo

    *Your Bridal Bestie*

  2. You are welcome - feel free to give me suggestions if it needs more/less. Yeah, I'm excited, we're getting there! :) I look forward to our "blogship," too ;)