Saturday, March 24, 2012


I am just in the beginning stages of some ideas and passions I've had throughout my life and thought this would be the best time to put them into action!  I possess a four-year BA in English and am currently an MBA Marketing major and have over four years of event planning experience ranging from ministry to corporate to personal events.  In this scrap and save economy, the "DIY" approach is the only alternative, and since that is so overused [and boring ;], I decided to name it "Yours Truly - Events By You!"  My goal is to plan and collaborate with you, and plan events with your ideas, passions, plans, likes, etc.  I understand that many individuals have great ideas, but never think it's possible, and that's EXACTLY where I come in...give me your ideas and plans and I will make your dreams a reality...or at least try my very, very best to make your event how you imagined it!

So please stay tuned for more updates, ideas and the like.  If you have ideas, or need assistance with an event or events, please contact me.  Thankfully, technology can make anything possible these day [scary, but true], so leave me some comments or emails and I will do my best to meet your expectations.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!


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